World Show 2003 Copenhagen

There is a first time for everything: Also for the participation at a World Show. Of course we were curious and also excited. But it was also clear that we would play a minor role, therefore our slogan was from the Olympic Games: It's everything to be there!

After ten years the World Show took place the second time in Copenhagen and the show was also the largest, with 1402 announced cats, more than 320 were Norwegian Forest Cats. What could reflect the big popularity better?

Despite the size of this exhibition the organization was noticeable pleasant whether handing out the exhibition papers, veterinary surgeon control or changing the class - it went (anyhow with us) everything fast and smoothly. Some other association could take itself an example to it...

On saturday all announced cats were judged. We had to watch the judges, because most them did not let the next numbers proclaim, with the number of the cats and judges also an impossibility, and the stewarts did not have the time to give a note, but finally we knew that already from other exhibitions. Thus this day passed with a heavy-going - by the fact it was made that we had to go with Azrael to my secret desired judge Raimond Saetre ...

The sunday was at least for us more relaxed - in peace we could hold conversations with other breeders, "sightseeing" the other Forest Cats and the Best in Show - simply enjoying the atmosphere!

The danish audience was very interesting in the cats - none animosity against germans, as we were told. It's not what you say but how you say it... and so we have had some really nice talks.

Big congratulations to Europa Champion Lisjøskogen's Bishop, the only World Winner of the Norwegina Forest Cats.


Thank you Felis Danica for a great show!



'Slagelse Pigegard'


Official opening by Ole Amstrup


A lot of people came to see all the cat-beauties


Some of the judges


Raimond Saetre (av Hulder) and Azrael


Azrael: After judgeing he was hiding his self behind the courtain - and Bonfire.


The only World Winner of the Norwegian Forest Cats: EC Lisjøskogen's Bishop


Cirkus Fionia and their cats - of course Wegies!

Some of the photos are from the Word Show website. If there is a copyright on one, please give me an email.