About us

We, thatīs my daughter Jessica (born in 1985) and myself (Susanne, born in 1962) are living in Bad Salzuflen, a health resort about 100 kilometers from Hannover, lying between the hills of Weserbergland and Teutoburger Wald.

The cats are allow to make the whole house uncertain, after their desire and mood. Since the early summer 2002 also a large outrun is to them for disposal, which they are use actively.

We derive our cattery name from our domestic cat Tom - in addition there is the Tomfjord in Norway, on height of the polar circle, too. 

Only once a year our girls will have a litter. The raising is surely a heavy-going, and althought it is beautiful to see the littles growing up, our ladies should have time enough to find to themselves again and to regenerate. And also we want to be able ourselves to care intensively for each kitten. Because: Primarily the cats are family members for us, and only in second line for breed and show. 

We think many of our photos will speak for itself and we hope that our webside pleases you.

If you still have questions, please don't be shy. You will find our e-mail address on the contact-side.


Susanne Chotty


Admiraldo and Susanne