2009.09.27 New photos of our kittens. 
2009.09.06 New photos of our kittens. 
2009.08.16 New photos of our kittens. 
2009.07.26 We have kittens. More informations about them on the kittens page. Some other sides are updated allso. 
2009.04.14 Update on the kittens page 
2009.04.01 Our H-litter was born on the 1st of April, so we have real april fools. Finally we got our last GSD IV test results: Our cattery is free from GSD IV. The results will be published at PawPeds in about 60 days. 
2009.03.17 Update on "Galleries" 
2009.02.28 Since middle of January I took part on the G1-course from PawPeds which took a quite large amount of my spare time. Today I got the message that I pass the course and that I am allowed to show the banner / cockade of the G1-course on my website. 
2009.02.25 Since weeks now my provider has server problems from time to time. I can see that I have emails in my business-web-account, but I can't open the account. To solve this problem I put a second email-address on the contact page. It is only a picture, because I don't want spam-mails.
2009.02.24 Update on the show page.
2009.02.15 Gentle Touch is still looking for a new home, his sibblings have moved to the litters-page. The reason why I didn't update the website last time, is ..... Well, you have to wait a week or two to get an answer.
2009.01.12 New photos of Francine and Yokohama, but not from the kittens - sorry. Updates on the kittens page and on the show page.
2008.12.26 Today we have new photos from ALL kittens. Only from Givenchy is just shown a portrait. Our "Schlacksi" (so called because everything is long and slender on him and no one would think that he weights more than 1500g with 11.5 weeks) didn't have time for photos...
2008.12.21 Due to the circumstance that one of our cameras is broken we only have new photos from Geisha. New photos from the other kittens will come ASAP.
2008.11.23 New photos from G-litter and finally a better one of Yokohama
2008.11.09 New photos of the kittens
2008.10.29 Update of our website
2008.10.07 Out G-litter is born