DK* Starkad's Berlinetta

DK* IC Starkad's Berlinetta

DOB: 2002.09.06



tortie tabby mackerel white (NFO f 09 23)
Father: EC DK* Europa's Danske Gorm
Mother: DK* Fabis Anastacia
Awards FIF: 2 x BIV, 1 x NOM + 3x CACIB
Litters: C, D
Blood type: A HD: PL: PKD: will follow
HCM: negative (2004-09-04) / 2005-04-14: RCM and aortic stenosis  

Netti is diagnosed with RCM (restrictive cardiomyopathie) and aortic stenosis. 

At the moment Netti does not show any signs of a heatdisease, but we know this will not be for a long time. From time to time we will let you know how she is. 

We had a dream ...


Kiri + Susanne Hj Andersen

Anne Khn

EC DK* Europa's Danske Gorm DK* Fabis Anastasia
black tabby mackerel (NFO n 23) tortie tabby blotched white (NFO f 09 22)